Food Service


Party bus Bangkok offers a catering services for your event and parties

Make sure everyone at your party stays fuelled and energized with food. Catering service is an important part of any event and can help contribute to the whole atmosphere and vibe of your event. Whether you want to do something easy and fun, or more classy and sophisticated, we have a huge variety of options available for you to offer you the best night in Party Bus ! Let us take another important part of planning off your plate, and allow us to handle the catering service on the night of your party. Choosing a caterer and coming up with food party ideas can be tough, but you can trust us to make sure you have the best catering service at your party. We will happily cater to any dietary requirements from you or your guests, and we are happy to offer a wide selection of food party options that will appeal to everyone in your party bus ! Whether you are looking for quick finger food, an international buffet, or a catered full-course menu we can work with you to perfect your catering service offerings for the night at a reasonable and highly competitive price. The Bangkok food scene is expansive with food from all over the world, and we are also able to offer a huge variety of regional cuisines for your party or event, from Thai, to3 Japanese, to Italian food and beyond!

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In addition to providing the catering service for your event, we can take even more off your plate – allow us to handle the alcohol and service for the nice so you’ll have nothing to think about other than tucking into the delicious food our  catering company will create and serve up for you and your guests during your party bus. If needed we can even provide experienced and professional service and wait staff for your party. Contact us now to discuss food service for your party bus.