Sexy Hostesses

Sexy Hostesses

Sexy hostesses for your event and party in Bangkok


Spice up your party bus with the sexiest service team in all of Thailand. Request one of our beautiful sexy hostess for your party bus to pour drinks and keep you and your guests entertained all night. There is no better way to make your event stand out as exclusive and exciting than with our drop-dead gorgeous sexy hostesses acting as your private staff for your party bus in Bangkok. Immediately elevate your status on a night out when you are accompanied by a sexy hostess. Not only will they keep your party bus going on, but they are also extremely knowledgeable on the nightlife scene in Bangkok and will be happy to recommend places for you to go depending on what kind

of fun you’re looking for. Our sexy hostesses also have experience in private or corporate events, greeting and escorting guests to assigned seating or specific areas of your venue.

Select your sexy hostesses’ outfits and enjoy your night with Party Bus Bangkok

Our team of young women are charming, professional and lively, and will bring the perfect amount of energy to your event and happily accommodate you and your guests. We guarantee you won’t find more beautiful and highly qualified event staff anywhere else in Bangkok. Our ladies excel at tailoring services to the needs of our clients – whether you are hosting a private event or planning a night out of club-hopping. As always, you’re in control – we give you the opportunity to customize your experience by selecting the outfits you would like the sexy hostesses to wear, so they are sure to be appropriately dressed to suit the ambiance of the night. Our sexy hostesses are experienced professionals in service and entertainment, and have so much more to offer than just unrivalled beauty. Contact us now and let us know your requirements so we can match you with the perfect hostesses for any party, night out, or private event with party bus Bangkok.